Impostor Syndrome

*cue Impostor Syndrome* Did you know that Albert Einstein and Maya Angelou dealt with Imposter Syndrome (IS) too? A lot of people deal with it at some point in their lives. I do too at work and during presentations. More than often, people with IS believe that their work does not deserve as much attentionContinue reading “Impostor Syndrome”

Borderline Personality Disorder

Have you ever met a person with Borderline Personality Disorder? How many people are affected by it? What is everyday life like for these people? I did some research. A recent study on the prevalence of mental health disorders in the U.S. found that about 1.6 percent of the population has BPD. Borderline Personality DisorderContinue reading “Borderline Personality Disorder”

Evidence for Evolution

What you’re about to read is a paper I wrote as a part of my undergraduate coursework for Evolutionary Biology. I am sharing this here with a hope to enlighten you with some solid evidence for evolution. Enjoy. The change of characteristics of a species over time is known as evolution. Both before Darwin andContinue reading “Evidence for Evolution”

The biochemical Bouquet – why you love the way someone smells

Love at first sniff. Ever went on a first date and returned thinking about how good or bad they smelled? The influence of smell on attractiveness and romance is far greater than we give it the credit. A lot of animals, such as dogs depend on olfactory cues to choose their mating partners and itContinue reading “The biochemical Bouquet – why you love the way someone smells”

Is my Brain Lazy?! Brain Fog & Cytokine Storm in COVID Brain

Have you ever felt like you were listening to someone talk but not really? Your head feels fuzzy. It’s like you’re sleepwalking but awake. It’s a lack of sharp memory and focus. Like you need to try harder to do better in life. Everything is hazy, and you feel foggy in your thoughts. We allContinue reading “Is my Brain Lazy?! Brain Fog & Cytokine Storm in COVID Brain”

The Soap Opera called ‘Menstruation’ – Women at Work on Periods

Who let them periods out during workdays?! Painful periods? What will people at work think if you took a day off? That’s not reason enough for you to leave work and come back to it later. Umm no, NO! You got it all wrong. I say – normalize paid work leaves when women are onContinue reading “The Soap Opera called ‘Menstruation’ – Women at Work on Periods”

Immunolabeling – using Primary and Secondary Antibodies

Immunolabeling or immunostaining is a method that is extensively used in molecular biology and biochemistry. It uses binding of antibodies to detect antigens on specific cells/tissues/organs. I use this technique a lot in my lab when I want to do some neuron tracing in my virus-injected free-floating brain sections. Well, then what are antigens andContinue reading “Immunolabeling – using Primary and Secondary Antibodies”

SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder (or seasonal depression.. they just wanted to be literal)

There are days like today when I just don’t know what’s wrong. My mind is a sea of emotions. I feel all of them and all at once. Emotions are like Kashmiri chilli powder. When they hit, they hit hard. Lol. It’s tough living alone, especially in winters. The number of outdoorsy things you canContinue reading “SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder (or seasonal depression.. they just wanted to be literal)”